Little Falcons

Early childhood is important as 90% of brain develops till the age of 5. Early brain development has a strong impact on a child's ability as well as personality.

Little Falcons is an activity focused playschool oriented towards child growth. Eliminating burden of books put on by traditional education method, Little Falcons emphasis more on experiential learning, as our motto says Experience Beyond Learning.

Little Falcons is a Kindergarten designed for rustic kids and parents helping them find out their true selves and achieve great heights. Learning should never be projected as work or a burden to kids. Here, Little Falcons pedagogy is edutainment driven allowing kids to grow by learning with their friends and by learning at home with their parents.

Little Falcons is the ideal companion for the parental objectives. Our top priority is kids’ holistic grooming and letting them learn happily while playing. Parents are key stakeholders and crucial partners in our service to their children.

At Little Falcons, Learning is a blend of academics and fun activities. This blend makes the process of learning and developing smooth and enjoyable for kids, teachers and parents.

Our priorities, things we never neglect -

  • Little Falcons’ physical and emotional health.
  • Physical, mental and cultural safety of the little kids.
  • Environment suitable for nurturing kids growth and development.
  • Teaching approach to build strong foundation for life.
  • Learning kits for the youngsters to let them explore new things at different stages of life.

little falcons

At Little Falcons, for healthy home nurturing parent & child care meetups are conducted. We complement traditional education with new age approaches to provide kids with the finest learning experience and optimum learning environment. Promoting overall growth in order to brighten and empower childhood.

Our Speciality

Our Speciality

Little Falcons Kids’ Kit

  • Tech-Integrated academic kits are provided to the kids on monthly basis.
  • Fun and Activity based kids kit are also provided to develop cognitive and motor skills of the children.
  • Kit includes Worksheets, Storybook and Flash cards, Audio Books, Quiz-o-mania, Storified Lessons, Recorded Prop-based Sessions and many more.

Little Falcons At-home Care Support

  • Parents have the most influence over their children with whom they spend majority of their time. Little Falcons’ ensure that kids development is not hindered or compromised even when at home.
  • We work as a proactive companion with the parents in holistically raising a kid, we make sure that parents are equipped and endowed with the finest “at-home” practices and child care approaches.
  • Little Falcons initiatives :
  • Organise quarterly virtual meetings with India’s leading child psychologists and educators.
  • Enable Monthly Coffee-time with Parents to ensure that parents and teachers collaborate to unleash the finest version of the child.
  • Create individual profile cards for every kid.
  • Make personalise roadmaps to maximise the learning experience for the kids by identifying their interests, potential and learning speed.


360° Holistic Grooming

  • Complete grooming of kids along with child care, Education, Behavioral guidance, and Fun Activities.
  • Encourage children to develop an interest in learning and exploring new things.
  • Working more on the creative side of kids to develop a sense of self-love in them.
  • Encourage their exploration and interaction with others as they grow and become more confident about their personalities and knowledge.
  • Inclined more toward child growth than toward earnings.

Diverse Curriculum
Unique Teaching Approach
Child Friendly Environment
Convenient Admission Process

Our Curriculum

The first five years have so much to do with how the next 80 turn out. Early Childhood Education spans the years from two years old to about six or seven years old. Preschool offers children their first glimpse of school.

Effective early education and its implications have a far-fetched effect on our children’s future learning and growth. Learning through play is a central component of the curriculum. It incorporates strategies to extend learning through play way. Thus, when children attend school, it is generally understood that they will learn new information. That new information which students learn is called the curriculum. Each curriculum is built on a set of expectations and learning objectives.

Outstanding features of the Little Falcons Curriculum are as follows:

Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP):

These look into what stage of development of a child is in and work on tasks important for that stage of development.

Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP)

These look into what stage of development of a child is in and work on tasks important for that stage of development.

Child-Centered Quality Program

The curriculum is so designed to prepare children academically to become critical thinkers, life-long learners, self-starters and well-adjusted individuals.

Small Groups

Most learning takes place during small group activities. It involves cooperative learning projects as well as autonomous exploration. It promotes small motor development, curiosity and exploration.

Parent Engagement

The school builds a bridge between the school and home as in early education learning never ends. Children learn at school and at home as well.

Intentional Teaching

It makes a point to educate certain children on specific tasks and teachers’ instructions are intentional.

Routine Activity

This helps create some independence in children because they understand what comes next and are able to make assumptions about what is expected.

Teacher–Peer Interaction

The teacher demonstrates, kindness, patience, compassion and helpfulness and thus becomes non-verbal for pro-social behaviour. Children learn non- verbal communication cooperative play and social skills are promoted.

Play Activities

These help to encourage children to have fun while learning. It is engaging and makes learning a joyful experience.

Open-Ended Art

It is emphasized and promotes the three ‘I’s: initiative, independence and imagination. It is all about free choice, discovery, problem-solving and imagination.

Hands-on with Manipulatives

Learning math by exploring is meaningful, enjoyable and experiential. It can be integrated throughout the day with a purpose.

Phonological Awareness

It is the key to building strong readers. It is far more crucial for reading skills. Learning the letter sounds is more effective than learning letter names. It involves hearing, speaking and listening.

Outside Time

Should be put on priority. Free play promotes exercising, socializing, sharing, taking turns, cooperating, confidence building, and problem-solving.

Effective Circle Time

Small group instruction and hands-on exploration lead to superior learning.


This is a technique that builds upon other learned skills.

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today. “Little Falcons” is here to take on the responsibility as it truly understands that “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” High-quality early childhood programs are great economic and social equalizers.